Quick Air Scout Facts

Air scouts do all the activities a normal scout group does.

Air scouts can be aged from 10 to 14 years old.

Air scouts are part of the largest scouting association in the UK, which makes them part of the largest youth movement in the world.

Air scouts go flying.

Air scouts can be boys or girls.

The air scout group has a cub pack for people aged 8 - 10.5 and a beaver colony for people aged 5.5 - 8

Air scouts meet once a week on a Friday at St Matthews Church Hall, Exeter.

There are under 150 air scout groups in the UK and under 50 of those are RAF recognised.

Our association with the RAF does not make us a recruitment body, we're all about running scouting activities with an air twist.

Air scouts is an exempted charity and completely run by volunteers.