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We are settling into our new home

posted 8 Sept 2015, 01:10 by Brad Warwick

It was hectic, but now we are now settling in at St James. 
A lot is planned, joint activities with both beavers and scouts.
So, please bear with us through our transition period and continue to settle in.

Upcoming events

posted 30 May 2015, 12:22 by Brad Warwick

June 2015
9th          - Tent Pitching
19th-21st - District Camp @ Caddihoe 
23rd        - Group AGM
30th        - Bivouacking

July 2015
7th          - Raft Building @ Haven Banks

September 2015
12th        - District Activity Day @ Dawlish Warren

October 2015
4th          - Cedric Carpenter Cub Challenge @ Caddihoe

Random photos

posted 30 May 2015, 12:13 by Brad Warwick

Here are some random photos of what we get up to in cubs during our meetings. Interested?


posted 6 Apr 2013, 02:05 by Edmund Stone

The cubs along with some scouts spent the day at Exeter City Football Club.

The group had a great time throughout the day and then watching the match.

Thanks to everyone one at ECFC for making it a great day for everyone!

Cubs and Beavers Share the Evening

posted 19 Nov 2012, 13:20 by Edmund Stone

The Third Exeter Cubs and Beavers now share and evening, both meeting on a Tuesday evening at St Matthew Church Hall. Please come along to find out more!

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