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The Summer So Far! - armed forces day!

posted 18 Jun 2014, 10:31 by Edmund Stone   [ updated 19 Jun 2014, 10:01 ]

It has been an exciting term so far. 

Last Friday we had a lovely evening camping on the edge of Exeter, with a campfire until the early hours of the morning enjoying the cloudless sky and balmy weather. This was after we had a practise of firelighting and some outdoor first aid which thankfully wasn't needed! We've also done some scouting fundamentals and mini pioneering, going back to the routes of the organisation. We cooked cheesecake earlier in the term which everyone enjoyed, apart from the leaders who drew the short straw in whisking the cream! 

And of course we've had our annual St George's day parade with the rest of Exeter district scouts, which was good practise as this weekend, on Saturday the 21st June 2014 we're taking part in Exeter Armed Forces Day! Parading through the city centre with representatives of the armed forces, this is a great honour!

After the parade we will be on the Cathedral Green, come and find us if you want to know anything about the group!

Winter 2013/14

posted 19 Apr 2014, 06:18 by Edmund Stone

It has been an exciting few months for the group. Most of the troop have now completed the airmans badges with many having completed the senior award and the air researcher badge! We've had some exciting nights away including a 10 mile night hike followed by a night over in a scout hut. The weather was mostly dry with a heavy rain shower in the first hour of the walk, but the skies cleared and we had some lovely views of the stars.

We have also successfully retained our RAF recognition following an inspection by WC Wills-Pope, OC Devon and Somerset wing ATC. We would like to thank him for attending and hope he enjoyed his visit. These inspections take place every 18 months and give us an opportunity to demonstrate our wide range of activities and young people.

In the last term we've had a visit from Devon and Cornwall police, which involved an incredibly well trained dog, learnt about navigation, car mechanics and some basic home DIY.

We ended the term with a trip to the Exeter ski slope, the scouts had great fun getting to grips with the basics of going up and down the dry slope.

Looking forward to more excitement this term which will hopefully include a daytime navigation challenge, some basic outdoor scout skills, kayaking and a few visits out and about.

Spring 2013 - Longleat!

posted 23 Jun 2013, 03:18 by Edmund Stone   [ updated 5 Nov 2013, 11:16 ]

This has been an exciting term so for. We started with an 11 mile night hike ending in Exmouth the scouts gulag woke up on arrival and even invented their own Cricket like game in the Morning. We've also done several badges this term including the airman badges. The halfterm ended with a cook-a-long where the scouts made pizza and garlic bread from scratch. 

Last weekend we were camping at Longleat safari park-this was great fun. We had atom of the park and complete access to to amusements. Everyone enjoyed activities from the maze to handling snakes and to train ride.On the boat trip we saw to worlds second oldest gorilla. Check out our twitter feed for comments from the scouts.


Winter 2012/2013

posted 6 Apr 2013, 02:11 by Edmund Stone

In the last few months the cubs, scouts and beavers have done several bag packing events raising funds for the group.  Thanks to Morissons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose for allowing us into store to do this.

The scouts have also been up to a wide range of activities. From making easter eggs, to learning how to marshal aircraft.  Over easter weekend the troop walked overnight from Exeter Quay to Exmouth, arriving just after midnight.  The camp was finished with some entertainment and a game of cricket-baseball a mix-mash of rules that only requires a ball and a small grass area.

During this week some of the older scouts are joining Devon and Somerset Wing ATC to go gliding with the RAF at RMB Chivenor. This is one of the benefits of being one of less than 60 RAF recognised air scout groups in the UK.

This term the group are planning several camps from around Exeter to further afield along with completing several badges. The leadership team is also in the process of arranging visits to RAF St Mawgan, and gliding for all the troop. 

Airport Visit

posted 19 Nov 2012, 13:17 by Edmund Stone   [ updated 5 Nov 2013, 11:19 ]

We visited Exeter International airport a few weeks ago and had a great time looking around.

The scouts were given an opportunity to learn about the process of booking in and boarding a plane and a behind the scenes view of the arrivals area of the airport. This was followed by a visit to the fire stations where the monitor sprayed some water and the scouts had a chance to climb through the cabin and up behihnd the water cannon.

This visit was finished by a trip to the control tower and radar room, where as darkness fell we watched and heard the last few flights of the evening land and saw an RAF helicopter finish its ferrying duties and land at an Army base for the night.

Autumn Parades 2012

posted 19 Nov 2012, 13:12 by Edmund Stone

During the Autumn term the Scout troop have taken part in two parades. The first with the Devon and Somerset Wing Air Training Corps (ATC) for Battle of Britain day. This parade through the streets of Exeter is to remember all those that fought over the skies of Britain during the second world war. 

The second parade was to carry reefs for the Lord Mayor's remembrance day parade in Exeter. The third have been invited by the city to perform this duty for more than a decade and it is a credit to the young people that we continue to be invited.

Gliding 2012

posted 18 Nov 2012, 13:09 by Edmund Stone   [ updated 19 Nov 2012, 11:32 ]

The scouts have recently been gliding near Dunkeswell airfield with The Devon and Somerset Gliding Club.

The day started with rain and thick cloud moving in from the south west.  Fortunately as the day went on the weather cleared and the young people and some parents got up into the air in a ground winch launched glider with an experienced glider pilot.

A great day was had by everyone and it's an experience to never forget!

RAF Recognision 2012

posted 18 Nov 2012, 13:09 by Edmund Stone   [ updated 19 Nov 2012, 11:25 ]

Congratulations and thanks again must be passed on to all involved after another successful RAF inspection.

This year we ran a range of activites to provide a small overview of what we provide to the young leader.  During the inspection of our young people and program the inspecting officer enjoyed food cooked through out by the scouts as well as watching the flight simulator, build a hot air balloon and first aid.  The Wing Commander also took part in some of the team building exercises that were partaken by the young people.

This is a great achievement for the entire group not just the scouts and means that next year will mark 30 years of continuous RAF recognition of the 3rd Exeter scout group.

In other happenings despite the weather the scouts enjoyed a visit to wing and wheels at Dunkeswell airfield today where we assisted the event organisers.

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