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Spring 2013 - Longleat!

posted 23 Jun 2013, 03:18 by Edmund Stone   [ updated 5 Nov 2013, 11:16 ]
This has been an exciting term so for. We started with an 11 mile night hike ending in Exmouth the scouts gulag woke up on arrival and even invented their own Cricket like game in the Morning. We've also done several badges this term including the airman badges. The halfterm ended with a cook-a-long where the scouts made pizza and garlic bread from scratch. 

Last weekend we were camping at Longleat safari park-this was great fun. We had atom of the park and complete access to to amusements. Everyone enjoyed activities from the maze to handling snakes and to train ride.On the boat trip we saw to worlds second oldest gorilla. Check out our twitter feed for comments from the scouts.